MESSARA PDO - Protected Designation of Origin

Olive Oil PDO Messara.

It comes from the estates of Messara area in the south of Heraklion in Crete with special microclimate for the cultivation and production of quality olive oil which is globally recognized. Oil PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is subject to strict controls. Receiving a stamp approved by the serial number of the EU and the Greek authorities.

It is characterized by a rich natural and fruity flavour, with an intense green color which with the maturation becomes golden green. All beneficial ingredients remain intact thanks to the special care of the crop during the olive harvest, the cold pressed method of produsing the olive oil and its storage.


Olive Variety: Koroneiki

Harvesting Period: mid November to mid February

Acidity: 0.30%-0.60% max

Region: The Messara Plain in Heraklion (Southern Crete).






Glass bottle   Dorica

0.75 LT

12 x 0.75 LT


Glass bottle   Dorica

0.5 LT

12 x 0.5 LT


Glass bottle   Dorica

0.25 LT

24 x 0.50 LT


Metal tins

5 LT

4 x 5 LT