The Facilities of Evripidis S.A.

Olive oil mill

The aim of grinding is to break the fruit of the olive so that the olive oil drops are released. We grind the olives immediately after their harvest so that they do not mature. The procedure is completed slowly in order to avoid any increase in temperature.

The crushing of the olive fruit is done in our modern olive oil mills, using the method of cold press. In this way, we have the ability to constantly monitor the production procedure at any given time.


The storage of the olive oil is completed in stainless steel containers and is maintained at a stable temperature. The olive oil refines its own humidity, sediment and other foreign elements, which accumulate at the bottom of the containers and are removed over short periods of time.

All the procedures are completed with extra care so that the maintenance of the vitamins and aromatic qualities of the olive oil are guaranteed.

Bottling and Packaging

We chose glass bottles, since glass is an excellent material for the maintenance of olive oil. It is UVAG, which protects the oil from the negative effects of light but it also allows us to admire the exceptional green colour of it. We package it in boxes and thus avoid possible quality loss due to light or heat exposure during its transportation. The bottling is done once an order has been placed so as to achieve the shortest possible time period between bottling and consumption.

All machines used in the process are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel holds the highest spot in the food industry, since it has high mechanical and erosion resistance, which means no possibility of particle release.

Nitrogen Supply System

As a part of a constant effort to preserve the quality of our Olive Oil, we have recently established a nitrogen supply system at all the stages of the production. This system includes a generator with the ability to provide nitrogen of 99.95% purity and an automatic system that continuously supplies nitrogen to our tanks and bottling machines.

The nitrogen replaces the oxygen in both tanks and packages in order to prevent the second from getting in touch with the Olive Oil.


By removing the oxygen we effectively protect our Olive Oil from oxidations, preserving the taste, the aroma and its high nutritional value.

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